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Youtube Update:

Please subsricbe to my Youtube channel for more updates on the videos.

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Hello everyone,

 I've shared alot of my works with you lot for completely free, im not asking much its a donation, its totally up to you. All of you kind people out there who has appreciated all of my hard works. I will try and provides more works with your donations. Thank you <3
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Views: 5434 | Added by: Rock | Date: 2011 Jul 03 | Comments (0)

Hey everyone,

as some of you may know that i havent added any new things to the website for the past 2-3 months, its because i've decided to take a loooooong break.

i just cant be bothered to do it anymore, its too much effort BUT! i can promise you lot that i will come back to do this, i dont know when but i deffinitely will come back, so please make sure you keep visiting the site atleast twice a month just in case.

i will inform you with a great news if i do come back, thank you for being a great member of RockForward xx

Yours sincerely,
Ryan (Rock)
Views: 5808 | Added by: Rock | Date: 2010 Nov 01 | Comments (2)

Guest abillity to Download - Disabled

Just like to update the site because it looked kinda too "open". so i disabled the guest abillity to Download the ragnarok sprites. i had to do this to make it more unique and more complicated for the leechers.

So please if you really need something just register an account its free and always will be, thank you :)
Views: 18528 | Added by: Rock | Date: 2010 Aug 25 | Comments (3)

Tobi mask is finally released!! BOOOYAAAHH!! get it while its HAWWTT!!!!! here

Please comment and tell your friends about it, thank you :)
Views: 2770 | Added by: Rock | Date: 2010 Aug 22 | Comments (2)

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